My website is not working

I had created a ssl successfully and done all the setups but after that my website is showing forbidden can you please fix this?
image proof: Screenshot by Lightshot

Hi there,

The top reasons for this error are:

  1. Permission rules you have set or an error in the .htaccess rules you have set
  2. Mod_security rules.
  3. IP Deny rules

Please try to steps above to help resolve this issue.

The reason your website is not working is because there doesn’t seem to be any website at all on your hosting account. I currently see a blank page, which makes sense given that all you have is a completely empty index.html file.

If you didn’t have that file before, that would probably explain the 403 error.

In any case, your hosting account seems to be working perfectly. All you need to do to show your website is to upload that website to your account.

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