My website is not working

When I am visiting my site and clicking on home page it showing
Directory listing
Name. Last modified. Size. Description
Wp/. 2013-09-35. -. Unknown item
File for your website should be uploaded here 2018-09-14
And one more thing how I can get my website live
I made on WordPress from infinity net
And when I am changing the URL of my website from .ml/wp to .ml same problem is happening
Please help me out with this
Thanks in advance

Website link?

When you will click on home then the problem will apprear

@Magan1997 said:
When you will click on home then the problem will apprear

It’s because your home redirects you to instead of

Also if you would like to disable DIR listing, please insert Options -Indexes to your .htaccess file.

Hello Dear
May you please guide how can I insert index
I went to htdocs created new htccess paste the shortcode as website now going back to site saying this page is not working is currently unable to handle request http error 500

Hello are you online

Reinstall your WordPress in root domain folder (not /wp/) better, however I don’t know how WordPress working, but I guess this CMS would like to manage your files without your manual intervention, try to find some configs and change home page link from “” to “”, and this problem should be solved, but there’s can be a lot of similar.