My website is not working now!

my website is not working now. this is it.
there is a hosting ad only. what is going on???

Mines the same. I hope Infinityfree only a glitch or messed up and they could fix it

This is a global issue. I would recommend you to wait patiently for a few hours as there was some technical issue in iFastnet as stated by the Admin. The problem is solved but it will take time to re-sync the database.

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I believe this is an effort by ifastnet (the parent company of infinityfree) to promote their main hosting product for a short time.

Just going around to do my part and eliminate stress over this issue:

looks like its an issue for everyone. They actually just fixed the issue but it will take a few hours to take effect. Active domains redirecting to / Login Issues

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The issue you’re experiencing is caused by an outage which is explained in this announcement:

To help keep the forum organized, please don’t create additional topics about the issue. If you have more questions, please feel free to ask them in the announcement topic.