My website is not up for ca. 6 days


404 Not Found

The page you were looking for could not be found!

I have set up the nameservers to ns1/ ns2/ ns3/ ns4/ ns5 .byet. org
and imported my website files including the index.html to the file manager integrated to InfinityFree ( / Monsta FTP) /home/htdocs like 6 days ago but it still shows 404, did I do something wrong trying to set up my site?

I see a 404 on the site myself. Can you screenshot the contents of the htdocs folder?


Please take note of the Domains list in the client area, and especially the Directory of your account that’s displayed there.

You can see that the domain is linked to the directory But no such directory exists on your account, so the server cannot find anything to show on your site, hence the Not Found error.

Please recreate the folder and upload your files to it. Alternatively, if you’d like to link it to the main htdocs folder, please remove the domain from the Addon Domains and add it through the Parked Domains instead.


I have added to parked domains like this, not sure if correct, sorry it’s my first time

But it works now


Yep, that’s looking good!


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