My website is not hosted yet

Its been 5 days but my website is still not hosted

(When i look up my website on google chrome it wouldn’t load)

Other Information

(When i checked it if my website is online or not in a website it shows it is down for everyone what is the issue please solve it)

Hi and welcome to the forum

Please wait for admin to investigate

NS does not return any information to me at all - and they should return the IP


There was an error with our connection to the hosting platform today so some client area features, including the Hosting Account Status thing, did not work.

And it does indeed appear that something went wrong on our end and the correct DNS records for your domain were not provisioned.

The easiest way to fix this is to just remove the domain from you account (found in the Addon Domains section) and then add it back (through the Subdomains section).


I followed your steps deleted from addon and added from subdomain but my site is still not hosted yet…

Thank you problem solved