My Website is loading very Slow


Hello Infinity free Team and users .
I’m a new user of infinityfree, and I really appreciate the free hosting service.
I use the latest rev of buddypress and I created a small social network for my friends and friends of friends to play games with.
The second day the site became very slow and is even reaching time out when I try to upload plugins. Here is my cpanel statics:

Plan: Infinityfree
FTP accounts: 1 / 1
Sub-Domains: 0 / Unlimited
Add-on Domains: 1 / Unlimited
Parked Domains: 0 / Unlimited
MySQL Databases: 0 / Unlimited
Disk Quota: Unlimited
Disk Space Used 137 MB
Disk Free Unlimited
Inodes Used 27 % (8210 of 30019)
Bandwidth: Unlimited
Bandwidth used: 52 MB
Bandwidth remaining: Unlimited
Daily Hits Used 1 % (273 of 50000)

And I have not reached the Files Limit as well.

Thanks for your time .

You sure it’s IF’s issue? Not your internet for example? Maybe you would provide link so we can look if we got same problem to your website?

Sorry for the late reply.

Check this out: Slow/offline websites on hosting volumes vol10_1 / vol10_2

I’d be happy to take a look at it, but it looks like the account has already been deactivated.

Sorry. I changed the account thinking that I provably did something wrong.
This is my new Account id epiz_22781865

I have checked your website but it seems fine now. A check from Pingdom shows it loads in under two seconds now, which is good enough for most websites.