My website is doesn't respond or unavailable (maybe the update?)

Website URL:

Error Message: ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT, at Cpanel:
maintenance is underway on your server
you will see your site offline
until the work has completed,
please do not make a
support ticket about this.
Apologies for the inconvenience

So I know that I doesn’t need to make a ticket about this, but is there any way to download/backup my files (cannot acces the file manager). Or Its a IFastNet update?

Thanks for the help, PProgAdmin

We are aware of the issue. Yes, this is an internal error, and no, you cannot access your files until it has been fixed.


Okay, but does someone know when they finish?

Or do I need to do something (reset domain, etc.)? Will I lose my data (files, users, etc.)?

Please follow the pinned topic(s). They have all the info you need to know. It is unknown when the issue will be fixed, or if your files will stay intact. Please ask additional questions in the pinned topic, as that is there all the info for this problem is documented.

Okay. Thank you for your help! Have nice day! :grinning:

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