My website is blocked

Hello Guys , im new here. Just published a website yesterday it says its active but when i try to search it on google/edge/brave or any other search engine it says “Hmmm… your Internet access is blocked”
How do i resolve this issue? Someone answer please .

Welcome. Can you screenshot the error you get? I just see one PHP on your website.


It actually has only one php.

I have checked on net about my issue , maybe i have not uploaded ssl certificate so its showing risky connection? Is it so?

HideText.php file works for me… Also there isn’t an.index.

why doesnt it works for me?? where is the issue ?

Liek the description, please check your firewall.


bro that didnt worked on pc . But when i tried it on my phone it worked but…the page didnt loaded up directly , first it showed the Directory listing then when i clicked on the php file it opened the site. Why does the directory listing shows first?

Because there is not index.php file. Index files show the webpage at root.


i just added the index.php file . Can i keep it completely empty or is there need to add something in it?
When i keep it empty the website comes with a complete blank/white screen

obviously, the file is blank


Guess wat?

Guess to wat?


its workn now!! my antivirus was blocking it

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