My website has been inaccessible for a whole day



These websites belong to a server. Most of the time today, the server is down. I tried to log out of the server and then restore the server. The website resumed access, but soon it could not be accessed. I was confused again and again. I feel annoyed. I need help. My English is not good.

The IP address your website is on,, has been quite unstable today. I don’t know exactly why that is, but I have asked a server admin to check.



No problem for me and both websites are working fine. Try using a VPN.

And final warning: Post in English. English is the only language on this forum. Further posts using other languages might get flagged and deleted by moderators and/or admin.



Now that the website is in a state of disconnection, how to solve it?

As admin already told you, this is not something that you can solve, so we don’t know what you are expecting right now. The only thing you can do is to wait for the server admin to fix it.


I understand, I just can’t get the notification that the admin has fixed it, and the site isn’t working properly, I’m distressed

Then wait. Asking about the same issue over and over is not gonna help AT ALL.


Well, I’ll be patient, and thank you for answering and solving my questions, thank you

The IP address appears to be getting blocked upstream, which is usually caused by (D)DoS attacks being targeted at the IP. This will result in some downtime for websites on this IP, but will prevent further impact to websites on other IPs.

There is not a lot we can do about it except for wait for the attack to be over.


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