My website got suspended

Username epiz_28031209

Error Message

Your account was suspended for abuse. InfinityFree monitors accounts to ensure they do not contain any harmful content, and that they don’t overload the free hosting servers.

Other Information

I’ve submitted a ticket and i got a fast reply which i really appreciate.
In the reply from two days ago the support said that “It appears your website was incorrectly detected as abuse by our anti fraud systems. We have reactivated your account, apologies for the inconvenience.” but my account has yet to be reactivated again.
I’m aware of the autodeletion, which is why i’m typing here.
Any help?

Reply to the support ticket and tell them that they haven’t reactivated your account.


I have, about two days ago as well. Still no answer, i’m just anxious the account will get autodeleted.

Maybe reply again.

I did twice already, to both i got an automated message that they changed my ticket’s status to pending.
The last reply from them was 2 days ago so i thought i’d just wait because maybe it just takes time, but i’m not so sure anymore. I just don’t want my account to get deleted.

Patience, my friend, patience.
It takes time for him/them to answer.

Well even if you do get deleted you can create a new account and you should have a backup.

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It’s been a week and still no response, i responded for the third time waiting to see if the support replies before my account gets deleted.

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So, my account should already be deleted but it still isn’t. The support isn’t responding at all, so even if i wanted to just make another one i can’t because my domain is still being used by the suspended account. No idea what to do.

The estimated deletion times currently shown in the client area are not accurate. This is a known issue and we’re going to change that, but know that it may take as long as 60 days after the suspension for the account to be fully removed.

You can host this site elsewhere, at least for now.

Clearly you’re having trouble with the abuse detection system. Creating a new hosting account with the same domain and the same code is not going to change anything.

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