My website (dokuwiki) is temporarily blocked by ads

My website (dokuwiki) is temporarily blocked by ads. Ad blocking lasts a minute or two, after which I can continue working with my website until five or six minutes is blocked again by ads, making it very difficult to work with the website. It is newly created and is a clean installation of DokuWiki so it is not a problem that it has been cracked. The ads looks like this:

My website is

It could be your ISP’s problem, maybe your ISP is injecting ads to websites u visit just like your DokuWiki site.
Try contacting your ISP to verify it.

I don't see any ads on your website. I also don't see any code on your website which would explain the ads.

My best guess is that it's either some kind of proxy on your network (possibly from your ISP, like @UnknownLolz thought), but it might also be malware on your own computer injecting the ads.

Do you see similar ad pages on other websites, or on other devices as well?