My website doesn't load. "Err_Connection_Refused"

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

Error Message

This website can’t load

Other Information

I can see my files alright in the file manager, everything should be working normal.
my website is:

Probably because that is not your URL.

It is infinityfreeapp.COM NOT .NET

If you put the domain in correctly, it works perfectly fine.


I typed “.net” on the topic, but I’m actually trying to load the same url, finished in .com and not .net, as per from my browser history, from when it worked. is working just fine for me.

Try using a different device.


I had tried several devices. It’s working fine now, I have no idea what had happened during those hours the service was refused.
I don’t think I could upgrade to a premium account with such an unreliable service…

Note that premium accounts are migrated to premium servers, so that means you will have better, faster servers for your website.


We don’t provide premium hosting, and we state very clearly on our home page that free hosting is in no way at all a demo or trial for premium hosting.

Just because a store sells cheap apples and expensive chicken means the chicken taste the same as the apple.


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