My website all of a sudden just stopped working

i dont know what just happened or what i changed and my website cant stop loading or access any data

you need to post some details like your web url

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i found this url from your previous posts
the name servers are pointing to so thats good
but the site looks a bit corrupted

possibly there is a problem with the .ga dns ?

try visiting your infinityfree subdomain url
does the site load correctly ?

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I never set the website up
But i think it’s working okay

you never set the website up ? so what exactly were you talking about when you posted this ???



i dont know what just happened or what i changed and my website cant stop loading or access any data

I’m saying the subdomain is not set up so i don’t know if it’s okay or nit
The one i designed is the main domain and is the one misbehaving

and you still havent posted any url for people to check for issues

are you setting up a domain name to a sub domain ? im just guessing here as there are no details about your problem

im confused
Is the website having issues, which i want to solve

ok thanks

well skipping the main popup to we get this main page

I dont know what the layout used to look like before the problem but something doesnt seem right

the assets seem to be missing in /wp-content/plugins/nimble-builder/assets/ and possible other stuff too, check fo missing directorys

its possible that the wp plugins got corrupted too so maybe reinstalling them could help

its also possible this issue was caused by an update to the plugin or wordpress and is some compatibility issue ?

its a strange one for sure

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oh my mistake the asset isnt missing, the default img is supposted to look like that

well apart from the top menu pointing to missing pages on the other corrigated site I cant see what the issue is ?

can you explain what isnt working ? because for me the site loads fine and completes it loading, im not seeing any issues

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I checked the site and the issue is that many of the URLs on your site refer to That’s also a site on our hosting, and because we don’t allow embedding things hosted with us in other websites, all those links are broken.

Fixing this might be simple though. All you need to do is change the website URL in WordPress so it uses the right domain: Changing The Site URL – Documentation –

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