My Subdomain like domain expired

I was create domain custom with Cloudflare and can be opened, why creating subdomain like domain expired even though have created a subdomain? see images below

Hello there,

Your site is working fine here on my end. Please try clearing your browser cache if you haven’t already, you can also use Incognito Mode to evade your normal browser cache.


Yeah, its working. But see images for my subdomain and cant be opened.

Did you setup A records for the new subdomains in CloudFlare?

Cant DNS Setting on Cloudflare if pointing to nameserver infinityfre. And already create cname record :

Ohh yeah, one quetion again… Why me create new subdomain again ( its work? what’s wrong with and ?

did u create helpdesk and elearning subdomain?

I suggest you to re create these two subdomains again. You probably have altered something in your domain/cname records after creating these subdomains.

Already create subdomain


Okay, i will try


You need to decide which nameserver to use.
I can it looping between CloudFlare and Infinity nameservers.

You need some time to settle for proper dns propagation.

i use ns infinityfree, and cpanel install cloudflare for ssl free.

btw yesterday i can opened that subdomain, and i use generator in Cloudflare (Dashboard) for paste key & certificate cpanel infinity to this 2 subdomain. Maybe problem from this?

Yes, that could explain why.
It is safer to add your domain to CloudFlare through
instead of VPanel.

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The Cloudflare integration in our control panel is very flawed and breaks many features. Subdomains are one of them: you can’t have any subdomains while using our Cloudflare integration.

I would disable the Cloudflare integration for everyone if I could. It’s a massive headache and a waste of time.

You must disable the Cloudflare integration. After that, you can choose to continue without Cloudflare, or sign up with Cloudflare yourself (although you will have to maintain your own DNS records that way).


Ohhh problem in control panel? okay i will use cloudflare standalone without cloudflare integration

Thanks admin reply my question

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