My Subdomain is Offline

Hello Admin.

I have a website

And some time ago i have created a subdomain on it which is :
And i installed Wordpress on it…
After registering it I couldn’t access it, It showed some Error like this
This site can’t be reached ’s server IP address could not be found.


But After trying a lot i was able to access it and I Costumized it (But i was Using Chrome on Android)…

But when i try to access it in any other browser exept Chrome It shows me error like this

Website was not Available…

Please help me…

Please remove, and from your domain nameservers, they don’t exist, only and are the correct nameservers.


I did it but , I can’t still access my blog

for me it works fine, please refer to this:


Ok let me try…
Thanks alot…

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