My site redirects to but my hosting account is still active

Username (epiz_26552071)

Error Message

(Site redirected to but my account hosting is stil active)

Other Information

I was surprised when I was going to access my site and suddenly it redirected it to even though my hosting account was still active, and what’s worse next week I have to give a percentage of my project results to my school.

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Url please,
By the way Welcome to the Community

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Works fine from my side…


Are you sure?? But how

refresh and clear cache and cookies it will work…

i’m facing same issue like yours… but first i got this 502 error… after clearing cookies and cache refreshed a lot times and the site came back in 2 mins.
after that i got suspended domain i don’t know why…

but try my fix.

EDIT: your site is live and working


Thnk you

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