My site isn't working

When I try to go by link on my site I get Your Website Is Ready - Infinity Free message. But i have uploaded all my files to htdocs in file manager. Please, help i don’t know what do I do?
Here is my website link:

Make sure you have index.html or index.php
And clear your cache.


How do i clear my cache?

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Thank you! Do i need to have index.html with small letter at the start?

Yup, try creating index.html file.

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Specify utf-8 encoding to your index.html.

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@FlashBlackCatT please do not ask the same question on multiple topics

You opened a new topic (although unnecessarily) and asked that question there and got several answers so it makes no sense to repeat the same thing in this topic (at the same time) and actually discuss the same problem in several places.

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