My site is unusable

It was 72 hours passed but my site is still unusable

Please provide more information and fill the template.
What is your domain?


I have index.php in the site directory(htdocs) but site is unusable

Please don’t make multiple topics about the same issue.

We can’t help you if you don’t provide enough information.

What is happening? Is the domain not working or is is showing a 404 (it can’t be both)?

What is the URL?


404 Not Found

For me, it redirects to /install and that gives a 404. What software are you trying to set up?



If you can pay $79 for social software, then you should also be able to afford premium hosting. And if you didn’t pay for it, note that pirated software is illegal and we don’t allow it to be hosted here (if you do, it will result in account termination).

But benefit of the doubt: try uploading the files again.


streaming svce sites aren’t allowed here(paid or free) anti p2p issues obviously.

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