My site is suspended

I created a forum account and my website was suspended even though I broke any rules?
Username : epiz_30827600
please help me

What were you you suspended for? Can you please check your email or the client area?


Check the client area for the reasoning of your suspension.


Where can I check the client field?
Email is checked but doesn’t say the reason.

In your client area…


“” Your account was suspended for abuse. “” It says but I didn’t do anything to get suspended ?
How can I get my website back? I sent a help ticket. Anyone in charge? can help me.

Someone from iFastnet will reply soon. Also, ig it will mostly not possible to get your website back due to abuse

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But I didn’t do anything bad I just set up a forum site

I do not know the exact reason, so my assumption…

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thank you for your help I hope the authorities will take care of this situation…

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Posting an abuse complaint on a community forum where no one knows anything about your website is not going to help you at all. Please read what the client area says and create a support ticket. You can explain your reasoning to them, as they can actually help you.