My site is not loading in https even when I changed htaccess

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My site was not loading https so I tried to change htaccess to add the rewrite rule but I got this message "Error During Ftp upload, permission denied at “/.htaccess” ", then I saw a post here that I should change the htaccess at the htdocs folder and that’s what I did, I added the rewrite rule at htdocs/htaccess but still my website is not loading in https.

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provide your website url so that I can chck.

If you have ssl (which you can get free from control panel) i’d recommend waiting for at least 10-12 hours before you’re https works :slight_smile:

Yea but it’s been more than 24 hours

as far as i can see your https works and your site have an let’s encrypt x3 ssl certificate :slight_smile:

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Really? is not working for me, when I try with https:// yea but when I try with only domain name like www it’s not

i dont think you need to use www as everyone (on my opinion) uses https :slight_smile:

but there are gonna be people who write and in this case they’re gonna go to http version, that’s what I want to fix.

i’m not sure about that as you can see i’m still a newbie :slight_smile:, as far as i know, cloudflare does the http to https redirecting thing on its own . check (my site) for an example .

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That’s exactly what I wanna do,well if there is no way to do it without cloudflare then I have to consider using cloudflare.

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It also says so in all caps at the top of the file you were editing. Maybe that’s not clear enough, you’re not the first to completely overlook it. But I’m at a loss how to make it more clear given how it’s not possible to have flashing lights and alarm sounds in a text file.

The file needs to be called .htaccess. The dot at the start is important. .htaccess works, htaccess doesn’t.


It’s working now, I forgot to add the . at the start of file, thank you very much.

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