my site is extremely slow

my site is really slow since the storage upgrade
will this be fixed or i need to migrate it to another account
am i the only one experiencing this

No, you’re not the only one experiencing this. Unfortunately, the server you are on is having some issues. We’re already working on it and you can wait for us to get this fixed. Or you could create another account and move your site to it (which should work a lot better than this one).

thanks for the information i created brand new account and it still the same server but
i singed up for cloudflare hope the cashing helps a little bit
also great job your hosting service is the best and i really love it
if you provide a little bit more information when the server will be fixed i will be really thankful

If anything, most of the affected websites were using Cloudflare already. Whether that’s a coincidence or that this issue affects Cloudflare users more severely, I don’t know.

There is an official topic for updates now: