My site is down all the time

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: Directory list

I’m using this software:


I’m experiencing a lot of issues with my account. My site is being disabled for reaching the I/O limits. However, when I check the usage, it’s clear that my usage is far below the daily threshold allocated.

We don’t have much traffic, but I keep getting emails telling us we’re over 50% of our daily resource limits. But that’s clearly an error on Infinity’s side.

Worse of all is that besides being down, there are folders there with material related to porn never uploaded by us!!

Can anyone please assist ASAP?

Thank you

This may mean your website has been hacked. Briefly browsing the file lists on your website, I see that there are traces of an old WordPress installation there, and that the plugins folder of the site also contains many directories with weird names. This makes me suspect that one of the WordPress plugins still on your website contains a major security flaw, or worse, is infected with malware.

The first thing you will need to do now is to contain the hacking attempt. This means:

  1. Remove ALL the files of from your account. Yes, that includes the ones which you uploaded yourself and you confirmed were safe before uploading.
  2. Change your hosting account password. If you had a database configuration file, the hackers may have been able to get your database credentials from it.
  3. Rebuild your website, and try to avoid using any backups of your website as much as possible. Especially for files on your website, it’s hard to know for sure that the files in your backup don’t contain the malware.
  4. Be careful with third party plugins and themes on your website from now on. Make sure to only use addons from trusted sources like or Themeforest, and never install any pirated software on your website (because they are very likely to contain malware).

Getting rid of this malware should be the highest priority. Chances are that getting rid of the hackers in your account may be enough to drop your resource usage to normal levels.

Also, I’m not sure why you believe your website was disabled for reaching the IO limits. I checked your account’s history, and it has never reached any daily limits.

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Thank you, Admin.

I was notified by InfinityFree that my site had reached the IO limits – which was odd since it has almost no traffic.

But I will disable all the plugins and templates and have everything installed fresh from the get go.

Again, thank you.

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