My site has suspend

for harmul content but i didn’t upload any hartmul content if i have same please reactivate and i will remove extra domains

my site

Please open a support ticket like the client area says. We can’t help you here.


i already did that but support didn’t answer maybe cause of big online

Please wait a day or two, then try bumping the ticket. Unfortunately, nobody here can help you.


how to bump my ticket

Just send a message to the support team on the ticket, for example “Bump” or the same text repeated again, to bump the ticket.


sir i have work on my website also bumped my message on ifastnet thanks anyway

For the last time, if your account was permanently suspended, nobody here can help you, not even Admin.

To make it clear: You can only use the support ticket to get support with permanently suspended accounts

Thank you


my issue has been resolved please close this tickets

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