My site sent an invalid response

My site is not working. I need an urgent help.


Do you maked ssl ceritficate?

I see you’re using Cloudflare on your site. Are you using WordPress too? If so, then please make sure your website is configured correctly to work with Cloudflare:

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i am using cloudflare. But there is an error on my site. Please fix it as soon as possible. I need my website on urgent basis.

No, you go fix it as soon as possible. I told you how. Just follow the instructions in the article.

InfinityFree is a hosting service and it’s our responsibility to make sure that the hosting works. It’s your responsibility to build and maintain a website which can work on our hosting. We provide tools and guides to help you with this, but it definitely doesn’t mean we’ll do it for you.

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okk let me follow the steps of article

I have exactly whatsoever was written in the article. Now my website throwing an error of:
The page isn’t working right now. redirected you too many times.

Now help me with this. Now why am i getting this error now

I’m sorry, but again, I won’t fix your website for you.

If you’re still getting a redirect error, that means you didn’t follow the instructions in the article correctly.

A quick look at your site shows me that you don’t have the Really Simple SSL plugin installed. So please follow the instructions in the article.

If the article is not clear or you’re having trouble completing one of the steps, please tell exactly which step is giving you trouble and what you see instead. If our documentation is unclear, incomplete or incorrect, we should update it. But that does not entitle you to free website fixing services.


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