My scss wont update

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I dont have any error messages, just when I update my scss files the sirte wont make the changes. I purge cache on cloudflare and turned on developer mode too but nothing. Tried also to ctrl + F5 my browser but nothin.

Do you mean CSS files? Let me take a look.

It seems you have a bigger issue than just a CSS file.

Make sure your website it setup correctly by following the link below.

SCSS is Sass, I believe.

You also need to install Sass from my understanding…

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for future readers,
turn on ‚Äúdevelopment mode‚ÄĚ from cloudflare dashboard while ‚Äėdeveloping‚Äô, this will load all of the files from your site realtime, in any other condition cloudflare serves the cached files.
and also doing ‚Äúwipe cache‚ÄĚ should do the same, more useful for one-time changes.

this guys site throws a NXDOMAIN error, i think he gave up.

Im right here, I changed my nameservers back to infinityfree cause the problems I had. Ive made a new post if you would like to help. I also state that I did turn on developer mode and purge cache.

other issue is looks solved at the moment, is everything ok now?

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