My published SPA haven't been available more than 5 days

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Well, I understand that’s a free hosting and one shouldn’t count on good service, but… you wrote that it tooks up to 3 days to get site published, but it’s almost 6 days passed and only empry page with 404

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When trying to visit your site I only get empty responses.

What kind of software are you trying to use on your site, pure HTML or custom PHP or WordPress?

Useful guide, if you really only sees 404:

I digged a little bit and it seems that vendor.js is missing. Did you uploaded it correctly?


Well, it’s a quite simple app on new Angular, that was built in usual distributive. Any PHP or others

It seems that the vendor.js file exists on your own computer. But if you check your files in the file manager, you’ll see that the file is not on your website hosted here. Please try uploading it.

The index.html file contents are also strange, they contain two HTML pages after eachother. We don’t know exactly what’s exactly the trigger, but we know it’s often caused by uploading the files through the file manager. Please try reuploading your index.html file. And maybe consider using a desktop FTP client like FileZilla instead of the file manager if you haven’t already.


Yeah, you’re right. I remember, how selected and dropped all the files and there were no messages about sth wrong. Now I tried again to upload vendor.js and got an alert about quota limit. Found “On all InfinityFree servers is a file size limit of 10 MB.” Don’t know what to say even. It’s like 2004 not 2024

I don’t think I can change your mind, but also I don’t think 10MB isn’t enough for most websites.

Your case is pretty much an edge case where you really want to develop something with those new frameworks. You can find many more suitable services out there. Some is free and some isn’t — but unfortunately you probably can’t run your app here.


For most websites, 10 MB is enough. We don’t allow uploads of large files because we don’t want our hosting to be used for file hosting/sharing, only for website files.

But some website framework generate large files. And that can cause problems.

That said, usually there are workarounds. A quick Google search tells me that Angular has a feature vendorChunk that will result in multiple smaller vendor files instead of one big vendor.js. Maybe that can help you work around this issue?


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