My newly created website not found anymore

Cannot find error msg after diagnosis

Your domain is not registered.


Your domain has no nameservers assigned.
Change nameservers to and Then add it to your control panel.


Both users are right in their answers

I see it added to the system which means you had to refer to our NS at one point

Screenshot 2022-06-19 105508

now there is no NS but only these


Has your domain expired?
gave up the purchase?
Did you not confirm the ownership email?

The search says the domain is free to purchase


I bought the name & SSL cert from Name Cheap.
I didnt confirm their email until i see your prompting.
I have assigned the NS as accordingly.
I don’t know how to install SSL cert in Infinity that i bought from Name Cheap which has 1 year validity as my website teacher delay on the teaching.


Use the SSL/TLS section in vPanel.


Now i am stuck as if i were to type in domain name, it has been in used & i am not allowed to do anything.
I have confirmed the purchase with name cheap but i still cannot log in the page. so now i dont know who to look for.

NameCheap is 100% the one and only party to ask.

The domain you purchased shows as not registered in DNS and WHOIS. You paid NameCheap for a working domain name and they are not providing it. It’s their responsibility to provide you with the service you paid them for.

It might not be NameCheap that’s causing this, it might be the .asia registry not activating your domain properly. But NameCheap will be able to investigate on their end what happened to your domain, and reach out to their provider(s) to get this resolved.

And it’s absolutely, definitely 100.00000% guaranteed that there is nobody here who can help you. Your domain is down. This is in no possible way a hosting issue.


Thank you so much for your reply, i will sort it out with Name cheap then.


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