My new domain redirects to old InfinityFree domain

I created a website on InfinityFree with their free subdomain that they give. I chose .42web . io . So my website name is now like mywebsite . 42web . io. I had plans to buy a new domain later. So finally I bought a new domain from Hostinger. Let’s say it is mywebsite . com. I wanted to change the website domain to the new one. So, I went to Hostinger control panel and changed the first two nameservers to ns1 . infinityfree . com and ns2 . infinityfree . com. Then went to InfinityFree control panel and to the “Domains” section and added a new “Custom Domain” and changed the directory to htdocs (alias of mywebsite . 42web . io). It has been bore than an hour since the change. Now when I go to the new domain, it redirects me to the old one (aka mywebsite . 42web . io). Am I doing something wrong? Please help me resolve this issue. I want to fully migrate to the new domain.

What is the domain?

no info = no help


The domain that InfinityFree gave me is and the new domain is
I didn’t want to give the real link, well here it is. The new domain redirects to the old one when https is not used. When I type https:// before it, then it shows ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR which probably is because I don’t have any SSL. But the real issue is the redirect.

For me is redirected to

It is working as intended

I believe this may be what you are looking for

or this


Oh thank you! I just had to change the URL from Wordpress settings so it doesn’t redirect me to the one anymore.

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