My MX Record not working

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: MX Record not found for the domain

I’m using this site:

Additional information:

You must add it manually on your CloudFlare dashboard.

Where in Cloudflare DNS tab it says

Your DNS zone file is hosted by Byethost , a Cloudflare partner. Manage your DNS records at their website.

Try to disable Cloudflare integration from the Control Panel and then remove and re-add the domain after some time from the Cloudflare dashboard.


Tried it… after cloudflare was removed, I did received a mail… and i enabled cloudflare after 3-4hrs and has stopped working again

Also, upon testing in… I’m getting spf and DKIM error

@Admin you can probably add the MX record from your side

No, I can’t add that, for two reasons:

  • I can’t and won’t make account specific customizations. The InfinityFree service is set up in a way where you can do everything yourself. If there is anything that can be done but needs my help, then that’s a bug.
  • The specific way the control panel integration works simply does not allow us to set MX records. I don’t know if this is a restriction with Cloudflare or with DNS in general (I suspect the latter).

So, there are three ways you can set up your domain:

  • You can use the control panel Cloudflare integration, and not receive email.
  • Not use Cloudflare at all, and set MX records through our panel.
  • Sign up with Cloudflare yourself and switch to Cloudflare’s nameservers. This way, you can set MX records in Cloudflare’s nameservers.
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