My Logo image not showing in HTTPS

  • logo image not showing in HTTPS but in HTTP works fine
  • Chrome
  • i’m using wordpress in website, upload logo file in wp-admin, but it didn’t show when i open my website in any browser

i’m using wordpress , upload my logo in wp-admin and save it as my logo in theme setting. But it didnt show up when i open my website in HTTPS in any browser. But works fine in HTTP. any idea to solve this problem? thx

since you’re using wordpress, you should change url in your wordpress dashboard from to


You may want to note that resources can be blocked if you mix http and https. (Especially active resources, such as JS)


Thx for your answer. But i can’t access my wp dashboard if i change it to https, it says ‘redirect too many times’ . Any suggestion?


Thanks! using Really Simple SSL works for me :smiley:

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