My IP seems to be banned from my own Website?


I only see a white screen, until I turn on my VPN, where it loads up when I refresh.

This only happens to me, a friend of mine could go on the website no problem, this can’t be a error with my code as I’ve checked it multiple times, and have used the same template for other websites, I looked in the control panel, and no IP’s are banned, is this issue on my side or Infinityfree’s side?

Maybe clear cache,flush dns…


Alright, il try.

after clearing my cache and whatnot, there was no change, so I decided to deactivate the account that had the website, I then made a new account, and after going through the same problems, it fixed itself then, I dont know how, but after a while of refreshing the page and whatnot to see if it was working it started redirecting me to the suspended website page whenever I tried going in the website, I am so desperate im probably going to change host, any thoughts?
Note: this does not happen to any of my website that basically use the same code, it only happens to this one in particular.

Since the account is new:

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