My html and css changes are still not visible

Why do my changes on my index.html are not visible on my website? there is still the old code. I changed the code in the file manager. Itry and reupload my index.html. What can i do next, if this doesnt change my website? I cleared cache.

You already asked the same question in your last topic.


Yes, and there is still no one who can help me. Why do i can not see the changes? a friend of mine doesnt either. cleared cache.

Are you sure you’re doing the changes in the htdocs folder?


yes i am :slight_smile: But if you can see what you sent me, it is okay. I changed the top of the page. And as i can see it works :slight_smile: Now i need to know why i can not see it :smiley: Thank you for your fast reply mate :slight_smile:

If you don’t clear your cache, this is expected.

i cleared it. that is my problem. i cant see changes although i cleared my cache. Smartphone is the same issue.

Are these devices both on the same network? You may need to clear your router’s cache.


this is what I see

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