My hosting account suspended

Please Sir/Madam help me to delete my suspended account, i dis like to wait till 60 days
domain is, User name epiz_24008943

We can’t break the US laws. We have to keep the accounts until 60 days.


Your account has to be kept for that long after suspension so that action may be taken if you were using it to break the law. And cannot, and will not, be deleted earlier than that.


In addition to a legal requirement, we also lock down domains which were suspended for abuse for 60 days. We do this to make sure that people can’t get one account suspended, delete the domain, create a new account, and try to restore whatever harmful content was uploaded to it so they can continue to harm people like nothing happened.

If your account was suspended for abuse while there was nothing harmful on it, please submit a ticket from the client area to get your account reviewed.


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