My hosting ac suspend


Help me plz

My domain name is i made this website some days ago.
I uploaded some products on website yesterday but now i see my website suspend plz help me and active it asap
Now 2 que is how can i remove sub domain which i got from infinityfree
I dnt want to keep it so can u plz remove it
And how can i install captcha software for block all bots who visit on web
Plz help me admin on priority
Can u do this for me if yes plz do
And do u block any website without reason? If yes then u give all database back and all backup or not
Actually i dnt kn all this so plz help and ans me now
My english is not good help me


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Hi there!

Could you share to us why your account was suspended? You can do this by going to the dashboard, click on your suspended account and it will say why your account was suspended.

You can remove it after your account becomes active again.

You can try Cloudflare which blocks bots and slows DDOS attacks. There are also captcha softwares like recaptcha but I personally recommend hcaptcha


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