My favicon cannot be obtained by othersites

My website URL

**What I’m seeing is: I can see favicon on web browser and works fine. but I joined another site which obtains profile pic by grabbing favicon of my site . I also find that sites like cannot grab my sites favicon **

And I guess its happening since I use a free subdomain

I’m using this software: MobiRise for developing the pages

Yes, you’re using a free subdomain, and there is a security system that prevents bots from accessing your website. To bypass the security system, but not disable it, you need to get a free domain from here and point it to InfinityFree using and After adding the domain on the Addon Domains section of the cPanel, add the domain to CloudFlare via the cPanel; you should receive a password reset link on the email you used to complete the registration on InfinityFree. Click on the link and set a new password. Done! To manage CloudFlare, go to and login.

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