My domain is suspended .i want to know the exact reason @admin

My domain is suspended for wrong reason “ABUSE” .Ive done nothing related to abuse as per my knowledge. Please let me know the exact reason so that I can manage the same and please help me get back my domain by reactivating it .

Same thing happened to me. Is there any solution for this?

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Yes, my 2 domains have been suspended. At least please allow me to take my backup. There was 132 post on my website. Is there any solution? Please if anyone has the solution.

Try to create a support ticket


Like the client area says: you need to submit a ticket to learn more. This is a community support forum, most people here don’t know anything about your account outside of what information you provide.

And although I can check, I don’t think a community support forum is a good place to discuss abuse cases of specific accounts.


Thanks @admin, my website got reactivated… #InfinityFree is the best… Cheers !!


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