My domain showing home page as default wordpress theme home page.after I changed my home page in wordpress

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My domain showing the home page as the WordPress default theme’s home page after I built and set using the new theme. If I click to view my site using wordpress admin console, my domain shows the page I edited recently. But if I access through other devices or (no wordpress admin set up), it shows default WordPress theme’s home page.

And also My edited page is available on this link

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Pls clr browser and CloudFlare cache…

not working

That’s because you dun follow instruction.
Screenshot what you did (step by step)

Wait, so shows the old page and shows the new page?

If so, this is 100% a caching issue. Please clear the cache in your browser and in Cloudflare. Our servers treat those URLs exactly the same, so there is no possible reason why they would display different content.


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