My domain is suspended

my domain is redirected to Special offer and Discount Coupon everytime I clicked on it.

Your site is redirected because to prevent specific accounts from using excessive amounts of server power and slowing down (or even bringing down) other websites, InfinityFree has limits on how much processing power, memory, hits and so on an account can use in a day. If you hit one of those limits, your account will be automatically suspended for 24 hours.

To learn which specific limit you triggered, what that limit means and what you can do to reduce your usage, please check the account in the client area.

After the 24 hours, your account will be automatically reactivated. Please do not ask for your account to be reactivated earlier, because nobody can do that.

Because It’s your main domain, you don’t have to access your site via your main domain, visit your site domain (you’ve picked while creating new site) instead.


How do I find my site domain

It’s either in your Addon domains, sub domains or parked domains section in Cpanel.


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