My domain got suspended

**My website URL is:**

**What I’m seeing is:**Hi. Could you please check my website? For this past week, I’m getting my domain suspended for three times. It’s because I reached my Daily CPU Limit, which I don’t quite understand what it is.

For your information, I create articles in my website, For this past week, I uploaded near to 10 articles per day. Those articles were my previous works, and I uploaded all of those in a bunch.

My question, what does it mean by Daily CPU Limit? Is it when I uploaded too many articles in one day, it will affect my Daily CPU Limit? 2 days ago, I tried to upload only 5 articles, and then I got my domain suspended again.

I don’t know whether this CPU Limit is affected by my work or by other things, like my themes, or the plugins.

I’m very new to website building, and still trying to learn. And I’m using Infinity Free free hosting, not the premium one.

Could you help me to identify the problem, and what I should do? I’m not thinking on upgrading to the premium hosting for now, at least until I get my website ready.

My domain is now active again, but I want to find a solution so that it won’t get suspended again in the future.

Thank you.

I’m using this software:

Additional information:

Did you click the “learn more about this limit” link in the client area to, you know, learn more about what the limit means?

If anything in the article is not clear to you, I’d be happy to elaborate. But I can’t help you if you just ask the same questions which the article quite specifically answers already.

That’s explained in the article.

That’s also explained in the article.

That too is explained in the article.

That’s explained in the article as well.


I checked the Daily Hits and Entry Process usage for my account, and they were very far from reaching the limit.

Code complexity - The more code is being executed and the more complicated tasks it needs to perform, the more CPU power is used.

Based on the article, I think code complexity is the problem. But I don’t quite understand about the code complexity. I think I didn’t use too much coding in my website. I just upload my articles, and put in images. I tried to make the images smaller so they won’t take much time to load.

I’m not that good at coding. So I don’t have a clue what makes my website had code complexity.

Perhaps you may want to test the PHP on your own system, and see how much it takes up your system resources.

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