My domain doesn’t work

I just bought the custom domain on namecheap and put the infinityfree nameservers there.

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Welcome to the forum.

Your domain loaded for me (I’m in the US).

It appears to be working. Maybe your DNS is cached or hasn’t propagated to your location yet?


mais le contenu de mon site n’affiche pas
comment vous pouvez aficher le contenu

Avez-vous téléchargé une page index.html dans votre répertoire ‘htdocs’ ?

no how to

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This link might help?

I take my domain by infinity and then I buy another domain by namecheap
yesterday I made the transformation of domain ms accu n result just the absence of both sites and display page 404

The 404 may be caused by something in your HTML file which is missing? I was working on my site the other day and I got the 404 error. The problem was that the CSS file that I was linking to in my code was not there. Check your HTML and make sure that all links to all files are correct and that the files are there.


seems like you fixed it


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