My Doimain is pointing to a different site once again

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Displays the default domain rather my my website

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This is the second time it has done this.

No issue


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Please refer to this


I am seeing thiis - so there is an issue. This is the second time this has happened
I am seeing this on both my phone and desktop pc.

Likely an issue on your end.
Read the article that I sent.
Have you tried using vpn?

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Just tried through a VPN on a different computer and get the same thing on Chrome but it works on firefox.

Please clear browser cache


Cache cleared. Reset Chrome browser to factory defaults . Still shows RF.GD page. The evidence points to an issue with Chrome browser , so I won’t use that it future when interacting with your domains.

I am now seeing this on firefox browser instead of my site

it is redirecting to this url

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