My database said it is active, but it is not

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

but not was activated

I’m using this software:
web browser

Additional information:

Well my forum went off the air by itself and was deactivated but said it had already been turned on again but it was not

Welcome @AffonsoGames :slightly_smiling_face: I just went to your website from the URL in your post, it appears to be up and working for me. Snip of your website below:

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Try to access any post or anything, the database is offline even saying it is online

It doesn’t look like a person can access anything unless they register and sign in, I click on posts or anything else and only go to the front page, I don’t get any error messages, just go back to the front page of your site.

I don’t know if this is a hosting problem, clicking the URL works to bring up your site.


This is exactly the problem, anything that clicks only goes to the home page because the database is disabled and I would like them to activate again

The reason why database cannot work isn’t one, there’re multiple reasons with multiple error messages.

You might enable display errors from:

or you can google how to display errors on your application that you use.

Then post here what do you see while accessing pages.

Or another method I can suggest is:

  1. Change your site password from client area and wait for few minutes.
  2. after change the password in your application config file.

connect recused

and this (if these won’t work):


I WILL TRY and come back with an answer

Connection refused? Actually it happens when multiple users visit your account at same time (AFAIK)

Btw also enable display errors:


I tried everything and it doesn’t work, well I’m giving up now :frowning:

There is PHP time limits on free subdomains & free hosting plans, which affects the database server.

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