My CNAME records are "not found" even though its been 24 hours

Website URL is

Basically I added the CNAME records and it has been 48 hours, however the Current Destination still shows Not Found. Is it because I am using nameservers? Because in a support article it says those may cause issues? How do I fix it?

Thanks in advance!

This is IF forum, not PFH forum. You should post there instead


I mean, IF is not detecting the CNAME records so shouldn’t I ask here?>

It seems that @LolGamz is hosting the website with ProFreeHost, but is using our SSL Certificates tool (which ProFreeHost doesn’t have).

The reason the CNAME record cannot be found is because the CNAME record does not exist. You can verify this with a DNS lookup tool.

Please note that our tool doesn’t split the domain name correctly on subdomains from other hosting providers. So the record name to use should be without .owls at the end, and instead you should select the subdomain for the Domain dropdown.


Hello, so the records will be _acme-challenge and _acme-challenge.www only right? Also where do I select the subdomain?

Wrong, should be _acme-challenge.owls and _acme-challenge.www.owls
Please get help from PFH, not IF

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In the ProFreeHost control panel?

In any case, our SSL tool is working fine. You’re free to use it while hosting your website somewhere else, but please understand we cannot help you setup the service at a competitor. If ProFreeHost support isn’t helping you, perhaps you could consider moving your site to InfinityFree.

I just said the exact opposite. is a reseller domain from ProFreeHost and is a free subdomain. So the domain selector will have the subdomain, not the base domain.


Good to be always learning…


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