My all three accounts are suspended! What to do? Please help!

Username (epiz_30521635) or

Error Message

My account is suspended but I have not uploaded any adult nor any illegal content. It is a music website which will be launched, Please reactivate my account quickly.

What is the suspension reason given in the client area?


Maybe copyright issue? (I am not sure with it) but as the Mod stated earlier the reason of suspension will help us give you recommended solution.


They have written for abuse(Your account was suspended for abuse. InfinityFree monitors accounts to ensure they do not contain any harmful content, and that they don’t overload the free hosting servers.). But I have not launched my site yet only. It was a site showing launching soon…

then please open a support ticket. We cannot help you here.


I have not launched my site only. It was just a landing page showing when I will launch my website…

Check the client area for the reason of suspension , Should be clear over there…

I have open a support ticket on that day only that is on June6 but still I have still not got a single reply. What to do?

Try creating another one?

I’m sorry, but nobody here with the exception of Admin can help you, an in most cases, you must contact support.


Please tell me how to contact support??
I need my files back as I it was all hand written codes and I don’t have a backup of all the files.

You contact support by opening a ticket.

As for your files, you always should have a backup on your own PC. Even if you are using a paid hosting provider, storage systems can get corrupted. Never leave your files in one spot, and always have multiple backups in different places (Just in case something happens to your home or computer).

I would keep one copy on your PC, another in a fireproof safe, and a third at a friends house (Or in a secure cloud provider). YOU are the only person responsible for your data, no one else is.


Thanks friend. I think again I have to write my missing code files.
Infinity free support system is very bad. 3 days gone and no reply from the support team.

InfinityFree does not provide support. InfinityFree only provides a forum (here).

The support system you are using is the free version of iFastNet support. To get better support, you can upgrade your plan to premium iFastNet hosting.


One last thing iFastNet support system is good then I will switch to paid plans.

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