My admin url?

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

I can’t get my admin url cause i’m using it in my android app to connect to my dashboard

where i can get ot ?

Wdym exactly? what software is it? what app are you connecting by?

Hi there, I think your admin url is already on the root of your domain. Please check it. I can see it. Im using android & ios.

I have videos on my panel and i want show it on my app

What app do you use? What technologies or CMS do you use in your website?

i’m using PHP

We know you use Php.
Like I asked :
what software is it? what app are you are you connecting by? What error do you receive?

If you can’t make sence from error message we can. Please share the error.


This security system likely prevents integrating your website into a mobile app:


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