My account was Temporarily Suspended!

my account is getting Suspend so fast even last time it got Suspend in less than 3 hours and i even didnt worked with my web.

what should i do to not be Suspend ?

Read the article linked to in the client area and try to apply the suggestions in it. I’m aware the instructions are not very specific, but that’s because there is no simple way guaranteed to protect your website from hitting resource limits.

Except for upgrading to premium hosting for higher limits, of course.


well , good notes.

so now at least can you tell me why this will happen ? i mean which part of web is using so much of CPU that will cause the web to be Suspend.

I’m sorry, but we don’t really keep detailed metrics and reports about resource usage. That information is only provided on premium hosting.

But note that even on premium hosting, it’s hard to correlate system process usage to specific pieces of website code. Deep inspection in processes is possible, but doing so is quite complex, meaning it would take massive amounts of server power and make your site super slow. So that’s not really worth it.


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