My account was suspended!

Username: epiz_27513120


Hi, I’m a new user for three days. I just noticed that my account is suspended because of reaching CPU limit. But when I check the time, it is suspended just 6 mins after.12:00AM (UTC+0)

I am using Cloudflare and according to your guidelines, I should check the traffic. But the traffic from 8:00 AM (GMT+8) is very low.

Please forgive my lack of knowledge and thanks in advance.

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Well , you have 4000+ requests which is high for free hosting. so Please wait for the suspension to complete.


I thought the counter reset every day?

yes, it resets everyday

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Did it reset according to my local time, or the UTC time?

Because CloudFlare shows my analytics in my local time which is GMT+8. But as said, my account was suspended just 6 mins after UTC 12:00. This sounds ridiculous to me :sweat:

You can use page rule to perform a cache all. This shd relieve your hosting acct from overload for a start.


Thanks for the suggestions!

It resets every day, but not necessarily at midnight in any time zone.

And please keep in mind that these are daily counters. So It’s perfectly possible that in the first 6 hours of the day, you use up 90% of your limit, and in the hours after that you only use 1% per hour. So after 16 hours you hit 100% and your account is suspended, even though there is no traffic at that time.


Thank you for clarifying!

Today I also got mail saying my account is suspended.
But as we can see here the request were very low compared to @WatermelonIce

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@Maayur read that


Your account was suspended for a different limit. And both MySQL limits and CPU limits are not synonymous with website traffic.

Very crudely simplified: web requests x server load per request = server usage.

So if you have fewer requests but still hit the limit, that’s simply caused by higher server load per request. And given that you probably don’t have the exact same code and exact same visitor behavior as @WatermelonIce does, that’s not surprising.


Excuse me, what does it means when your account has ben suspended but infinityfree still shows that ur wordpress account still active?

My account is only temporarily suspended for 24 hours.

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