My account was suspended

I made a few prank websites and wrote the name as hack because the subject is hack prank program automatic filter suspended I want to get back my files or ftp account to open please

Please open a support ticket for that.

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opened a support ticket but your account has been suspended just because you wrote hack.php, the staff answered again I answered my files or I did not get an answer to open my account. It has been 1 day and still has not written


Can you help me ?

Try to tell them, "This is for testing security purposes and it is just “prank” used for testing ".

Only they (the support staffs in client area and hosting panel) can help you with that. Im just suggesting.

Bro i say but 1 day after he dont give answer you understand me sorry my English but he dont answer please you say for me

Probably you have to wait more or wait for the @Admin to help you out.

I have to get the files because I haven’t backed up. Help me please


Nobody here can help you, including me. You have to discuss your account suspension in the support ticket.


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