My Account was suspended

My account was suspended today half an hour ago because it reached the total daily limits… What can I do now
Will my account be reactivated again?

**What I’m seeing is:suspended

I’m using this software:

Additional information:
Please let me know the answers

I need answer for how many times my account will suspended?
Is there any limits?

Your account will be reactivated in 24hrs time

I mean that today my account reached 50K … tommorow it will be reactivated…
Again the same thing goes after week… so will my account Activated again? Or after 3 times … it will not get activated?

Reply to my below answer

As I know it’s around 40 times, can’t remember exactly, but after reaching this limit your account wouldn’t be reactivated

Are you sure…? 40 times is the limit?

I want to ask @Admin for the same

But the daily limit is to small. I hardly post 3 articles per day and with that my site still go on suspension

Yes… Actually my URL Shortners gone to rock the market… So becz 50k done today… Hahaha @Admin please improve if you can… I am not forcing u

No I’m not sure, I heard something about this value a while ago, but can’t find that topic or remember for sure

Normally, if your account hits the resource limits, it will be reactivated after 24 hours. But keep in mind that the point of the limits is that you say within them, not try to squeeze as much from them as reasonably possible.

If you hit the limits repeatedly, then at some point, we will not be able to reactivate the account anymore. But for security reasons, I can’t say the exact limit (also because it’s subject to change).

But if you intend to repeatedly get your account suspended because of high traffic, I would highly recommend to consider switching to premium hosting so your website isn’t interrupted so often.

I had also created a support ticket, @Admin But there is no use, they said my account is suspended because of abuse, but as far as I know, I installed 4 anti-abuse plugins, 5 anti-spam plugins and ssl and tls encryption. They are arguing with me with no reasons, please seek my support ticket!

I read the conversation and it seems all quite clear to me.

You say you uploaded a URL shortener which, in spite of any plugins you may have had installed, was used to create many links to other harmful websites.

It’s your website. You are responsible for the content that’s on it. Part of that responsibility involves making sure that no harmful content is created or uploaded to it. And spammers love poorly protected URL shortening sites to hide their malware.

If your website contains harmful or blocked content, then you violated our rules and we will not host your website anymore.

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Ok thn they should provide me a full backup as they said and I brought my domains, I have a full right on them, so I need to host my domain from another hosting, so please delete my account. If you can’t, you yourself delete the domains from my account, and let my account remain suspended… @Admin

Ohh, I forget to check my spam box, @Admin, There was a mail from iFastNet, want to see that mail? Tell me your mail id, I will surely forward you that mail, but that mail proofs that my account rocked the market and because of reaching 50k, it was suspended, I DONT WANT TO TYPE AGAIN… see my support ticket.

If you bought the domains from an universal domain service then it is possible to re-point the nameservers to the new hosting you would like to use.

Please open the ticket in the client area. The backup links are there waiting for you to download them!

The support tickets are also visible through the client area. And because I have access to the backend of the database, I can see the tickets as well.

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