My account was suspended, why

Hello, I cant figure the reason why my acct was suspended. I’ve created a support ticket and it was completely closed without any response. whys that?

If you were able to create a support ticket, you were probably permanently suspended. You should have gotten an email, or you can access the information under the “Deactivation” tab in the client area.

I created another support ticket, I just got a mail saying that it’s now on pending. Unlike the first that was just closed without any response.

Does permanent suspension mean I can’t retrieve my acct anymore?

Could you tell us what the suspension was for? Different suspensions lead to different consequences.

I really do not know what the suspension was for. But here’s what was sent to my email.

" Your account was taken down because you have exceeded the usage limits for free hosting or because of abuse.

For more information about why your account was suspended, or to have staff review your account for reactivation, please submit a support ticket from your client area."

I’ve only used 2 out of my 3free hosting accts, and so I don’t understand why I should be suspended for exceeding any limit

Do it

submit a support ticket from your client area


I’ve done that, and twice. The first one was closed without a reply. The second just changed status to pending and has been that way since about 3days ago. Should I open another ticket?

Maybe just bump the second one? InfintityFree does not deal with these tickets, iFastNet does, and they can be a bit weird in their support sometimes.

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I can’t do that either, According to them opening another ticket will take my complaint backwards and I’ll get response very late.

But seriously, I do not like this, instead of attending to my complaint, stating whether or not I should continue to use there service, my domain now shows all forms of ads on it.
That’s really sad.

If you are here at IF you can’t get peace of mind, better to switch, tons of terms and condition are attached here, try Netlify for modern and static sites :wink:

I’ve checked out netlify. Well, I can’t make static sites, since it requires one form of writing code or the other. I can’t do that.
Any way around that?

You have a WordPress website?

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